Projector 360-7

The 360-7 target projector projects an image directly onto substrates using dynamic 360° projection.


Our Lyre or 360-7 target projector projects an image, from a choice of 7 visuals, directly onto the media.

All thanks to a 130W target projector and dynamic 360° projection. Its high brightness adapts to all environments, with or without ambient light, making it extremely versatile.

By combining its use with our Z-shot E-Lite software, you can pre-record complex training scenarios, including target projection, movement control and management of special lighting and sound effects.

The addition of target-holder options, such as reaction to fire, particularly used in FX training, will enable you to make your training more realistic and dynamic.

All controllable via Ios tablet or head unit.

It’s the ultimate technology for a 360° training room.


Complex scenarios
Dynamic situations


DMX control
Max. point-to-point time: 2 s

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Projector 360-7


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